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Trust your treasures to us...

New Jersey’s Finest
       ▪   Estate sales — any size from clean-outs to complete estate sales, large to small. Sale, Liquidation, and Appraisals of valued items are our specialty. Let us handle every detail from cleaning, organization, inventory, pricing and selling of your most treasured items.

       ▪   Downsizing assistance — We provide a timeline, moving arrangements, space planning, sorting and assistance with personal belonging

	▪  House closure — Cleaning of all or part of house and garage, arrange for charity pick-up or delivery of items, broom clean delivery

	▪  Senior Move Consultants — We will assist you every step of the way during your life transition.
          ▪ Home staging Division--Preparing house to place on market.

	▪	A family unit of diversified professionals specializing in home and estate content sales with over 100 years of combined experience.
	▪	Our talents include a cache of expertise in real estate, accounting, appraiser, antiques, sales, memorabilia, collectables, tools & firearms, carpentry, handyman, jewelry and interior design,Home Staging & more.


     ▪	Professionalism, integrity and expediency, distinguish us as your foremost provider of estate sales services.
     ▪ 	Honesty, caring, compassion, and friendliness are our trademarks, which will put you and your family at ease During and After the entire process.

How We Started  During & After, was created and specifically designed to make your move a seamless transition.
Doreen & Adele  began the business after the death of their Mother. Their parents had lived in their home for over 35 years. They saw first hand that it can be overwhelming to let go of a home and a life that has been part of your personal history. Mom and Dad’s home was filled with collectables and treasured antiques.

 During and After,  will provide you with a move coordinator, who will use expertise, with a caring and efficient approach to meet your needs.

We provide you with emotional support and encouragement throughout this transition so that a new and “lighter” life will be yours to enjoy.

This is exactly what our father and other clients gained as a result of their moves. We are so thrilled to see our clients thriving in their new environment.
                                                 We want you to thrive, too!
For more information, please contact Adele at 908-337-5220 or email to Adele@Duringandafter.net
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