About me


Adele Godino comes from a history of film and the land of make believe...

From the time she was a child, Adele has always had a creative edge.  Her vision has traveled through a variety of genre’s in film, jewelry design, hair colorist as well as managing and owning her own Spa & Salons. 

The film industry has always set the standard for design and beauty reaching an audience world wide. This is where setting the stage becomes the most important element in the presentation.

Adele has been cultivating design and color for 25 years and has worked with the talents of Katherine Hepburn, Rene Russo, Toby McGuire, Rene Zellwiger and Robert Downey Jr., just to name a few. Color and design have always been the tools of her trade.

Adele is an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP) and is now infusing all her innovative techniques to ensure that your home will appeal to the broadest range of buyers.  She believes that imagination and energy can give your home the “Wow” factor for new buyer.

About Myself


Email: adele@duringandafter.net

Website: WWW.Adelegodino.net




“The World is a Stage... Is yours inviting !?”


“ First impressions are lasting ones !”